How to apply?

There is no prerequisite knowledge needed for you to join and collaborate on PIFcamp, but we strongly encourage active co-creation and collaboration among all participants. PIFcamp can be a good excuse for various hackers, makers, DIY enthusiasts, scientists, thinkers, programmers, noise freaks, musicians, new media artists, researchers, obsolete and new technology geeks, bio-artists, engineers, circuit benders, nature lovers to enjoy active holidays, and work together for a better tomorrow. You can apply with a project, an idea or merely out of curiosity. In the course of the 5-day long programme of intensive workshops we will form several work groups, some of them will be led last year’s familiar faces: Lynne Bruning (wearables), Peter Edwards aka Casper Electronics (DIY electronics), Luka Frelih (computer arts and free-software) and Dario Cortese (wild food hacking). They will join forces with PIFnewcomers Paloma Lopes and Leslie Garcia of INTERSPECIFICS.CC (bio-art) in BASTL Instruments (handmade electronic instruments). Keep checking the PIFcamp blog for updates on confirmed participants and juicy program details!

* * *

If you want to participate at PIFcamp 2016, please send the following information (in Slovene or English) to UNTIL JUNE 10, 2016:

  1. A short project proposal/idea you want to develop during PIFcamp with an approximate list of materials and tools you’ll need to develop it OR if you don’t have an idea, but you are eager to participate, note how you want to contribute
  1. A short statement why you want to participate.
  1. Short personal biography (focus on your skills, previous experience and field of interest)

* * *

Keep in mind that only 5 days are allocated for hacking! On Saturday we will host a traditional open event for the public full of all-day hands-on activities and project presentations, and Sunday is for reflection on the experience!

Participation fee per person is 120€ (early bird) 140€, which covers food (3 meals per day), shared accommodation (for 6-7 nights), use of tools and basic materials. Note that the number of participants is limited! In case we receive more applications than we can host, the selection will be curated by the PIFcamp team.

The main output of the camp will be presented as an online database of fine hacks and tutorials.

For any questions please contact

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