If you wish to participate at PIFcamp 2024, please fill in the form below (in Slovene or English). We will ask you about the project proposal you would like to develop during PIFcamp OR an idea you’d like to develop OR your general interest why you’d like to attend and about your personal bio. The form is also available here. It’s possible to apply until April 14th.

You don’t need to apply with a very specific project, but rather explain well why you’d like to join! 


Slight changes in the participation: 

Dear PIFapplicant!
After 10 years we realised, we can’t – from the organisational and financial point of view – sustain the PIFcamp as it is. What we learned is, that we as a team do not want to become the “all inclusive PIFcamp service”, but would rather follow and nurture the idea of PIFcamp as a community. Therefore we are making a small change in the organisation, and just like in the first few years of our camp, we will again ask for a bit more active help from all participants. That means each PIFcamper will need to actively contribute by helping the team with the daily chores (kitchen, breakfast duties, help with cleaning of common spaces, toilet paper refills, emptying the trash bags …). You will be on duty only for one day of your stay. The amount of work required should also not prevent you from participating in other daily activities.
So, yeah, we are taking a small, but important step back to the basics, taking community participation a bit more serious, but maintaining everybody’s comfort. We believe that active contribution will only strengthen the PIFcamp experience and give some of the responsibilities and ownership back to the community. Most importantly we hope it will make the camp more sustainable and independent in the future.
Thank you for your understanding, we are looking forward to your application!


Participation fee per person is 250€* (early bird, before March 15th) / 300€* (regular, until April 14th). The fee covers food (3 meals per day), shared accommodation (for 7 nights), use of tools and basic materials.
*This is a subsidised fee, since PIFcamp is supported from various public funding schemes. To cover all PIFcamp expenses the non-subsidised fee would approximately 900€ per participant.


The number of participants is limited! In case of receiving more applications than we can host, the selection will be curated by the PIFcamp team. Our two top priorities are achieving equal gender presentation between participants and reducing our carbon footprint. We therefore encourage you to plan your trip wisely and sufficiently. 

PIFcamp is a family-friendly camp.

More than ever we are encouraging that the projects, developed during the camp, are presented and documented online.

You will be informed whether your application was accepted or not by email around May 10th (or end of May the latest), please also check your spam folder! All the necessary information (regarding payment and camp details) will be communicated via email.

For any questions please contact