2015_Hacking HyperREality

The topic PIFcamp 2015 is derived from the concept of hyper-reality, which was introduced by the French post-structuralist thinker Jean Baudrillard. To paraphrase Wikipedia – “hyper-reality” is the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, which rings especially true for technologically advanced postmodern societies, and is nowadays strongly aligned with the exponential growth of new technologies, virtual life, internet and mass media. But do let this theoretical background deceive you, we will think about hyper-reality as a hackable object, an obsolete device, a way of living, thinking or personal relationships, which can be “hacked” and therefore reshaped through a creative and innovative process. As an old electronic toy can be bent, in the same way the meaning of the modern virtual omnipresence will be reshaped.

Hacking hyper-reality is a deviation from this fast-forward virtual evolution we all partake in, and a place for rethinking the obvious and rediscovering the world as it really is.