Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation we can’t be certain if we’ll be able to host PIFcamp 2022 in its original size or not. Since safety and health of PIFparticipants and PIFteam is our primary concern, we will not risk any unnecessary exposure, so we might reduce the number of participants. We are following the current information regarding the situation and will inform you about any local restrictions which might affect your participation.

We assure you we will be extra flexible within the application process.

Stay safe and informed!

Your PIFcamp crew

* * *

If you wish to participate at PIFcamp 2022, please fill in the form below (in Slovene or English). We will ask you about the project proposal you would like to develop during PIFcamp OR an idea you’d like to develop OR your general interest why you’d like to attend and about your personal bio. The form is also available here. It’s possible to apply until the end of April.

You don’t need to apply with a very specific project, but rather explain well why you’d like to join! 

* * *

Participation fee per person is 200€ (early bird, before March 31st) or 250€ (regular, until end of April). The fee covers food (3 meals per day), shared accommodation (for 7 nights), use of tools and basic materials.

The number of participants is limited! In case of receiving more applications than we can host, the selection will be curated by the PIFcamp team.

To attend PIFcamp will ask you for proof of a negative Covid-19 test, recovery, or proof you were fully (3x) vaccinated before attending.

More than ever we are encouraging that your projects, developed during the camp, are presented and documented online.

For any questions please contact