Ethical Hardware Workshop at PIF

It is an open secret that the hardware in our smart devices contains not only plastics but also conflict minerals such as tungsten, tin, tantalum, silver, and gold. Hence, technology is not neutral. In this workshop, we investigate alternative hardware made from locally sourced materials, known as ethical hardware, to develop and speculate upon renewable practices for the benefit of both nature and humans.

During the workshop, we will make printed circuit boards with wild local clay, using recycled silver as the main electrical conductor. We will model the boards, paint the circuits, and fire them in an open bonfire at PIFcamp. Participants will solder all electronic components and test the circuit for an interactive microcontroller board that can control digital and analogue sensors as inputs and speakers, LEDs, and motors as outputs (similar to Arduino). The workshop will be hosted by Patrícia J. Reis (Mz*Baltazar’s Lab).

Image by Janine Schranz ©