We invite you to apply and develop immersive sound works with the support and help of Blaž Pavlica!

The Immersive Sound Dome is a project of Blaž Pavlica, which he has been developing for the last years and upgrading every year at PIFcamp. The project was developed out of a desire to create immersive sound, but also as an experiment in how to create such an environment with limited resources – when the project started in Slovenia, this option was not yet available. The latest version consists of a geodesic dome (designed by Staš Vrenko), 16 loudspeakers and a computer.

We invite you to submit your idea for a PIFproject that will be able to come to life in the Immersive Sound Dome with the technical support and mentoring of Blaž Pavlica. Your proposal can be anything related to immersive sound (music composition, algorithms, synthesis…), but we also welcome slightly different projects, such as lighting or decorating the dome.

For more information contact the author: blaz.pavlica[at]gmail.com