Kubus base

█▄▀ █░█ █▄▄ █░█ █▀   █▄▄ ▄▀█ █▀ █▀▀
█░█ █▄█ █▄█ █▄█ ▄█   █▄█ █▀█ ▄█ ██▄

An experimental platform with open ends – a temporary laboratory is to be created

KUbUS bASE is an interdisciplinary and process-oriented platform that invites continuous transformation throughout the week. The open cube can serve, for example, as a workshop area, living room, performance space, sound installation, and projection surface. As a social sculpture, the base invites site-specific participation. For PIFcamp, it seeks to explore new formats and invites people to linger, participate, and exchange ideas.

KUBUS is inspired by the activities and spirit of Setzkasten Wien — a workshop, residency, and performance space in Vienna that has developed its experimental approaches over the past ten years. Initiated by Stefan Voglsinger, the project aims to create space for collective practices and experimentation.

Stefan will bring the following projects to be shared as a collaborative process or workshop:

  • Analog 16mm shooting, developing, and projecting film
  • Building a reactive network of solar-powered pulsing triggers with solenoids, motors, and relays to resonate the steel surface of the bASE sculpture
  • Field Recording Trips using self-built microphones and sharing knowledge about sound recording and experimental music