Out of Sight

This piece to be developed is a continuation of the previous light experiments and part of an ongoing visual exploration of Kaja Kisilak and Lea Bradašević.

The project is focused on exploring how light and shadow react on a moving surface, activated by a series of motorised points. The extension and retraction of elastic fabric transforms the topography of the “plane” and becomes a dynamic factor, onto which light, as a static component, adjusts. The movement is enabled by motors, pulling and releasing the surface, and doing so forms endless spatially dynamic patterns. By observing the surface effects we can study them and react accordingly. The intentional retainment of the control over the motors, hence the movement, makes the piece more in the performative realm, rather than a self-generative installation. Keeping the control is conscious and intentional. The experiments are going to be studied and developed over the week long PIFcamp and culminate on Saturday, when we are going to perform with Mitja Cerkvenik.