PIFconcert and Algorave at Kluže Fort

Wednesday, August 2 2023
Fort Kluže, Bovec
from 9 pm to 11 pm

Lasers, beeping and lightning

PIFcamp international hacker camp participants are putting on an evening of electronic music and visuals in the courtyard of the Fort Kluže.

Performers: Rob Canning, ëgg, Robbie Hopper, Linalab, Julia Múgica, Oscilloscope Music, Iván Paz, Roger Pibernat, Niklas Reppel, Tilen Sepič, Tina Tonagel

Free entry.

In case of thunderstorms the event will be cancelled.

Technical support: GT22, MKC Maribor and konS Platform
Thanks: Soča Valley Tourist Board

Photo: Simão Bessa