predetermined breaking point by Helene Thuemmel

The piece is not done, yet the idea is clear: the cast in the form of a plastic cup: touchable, takeable, breakable. 
It will just burst in your hands if one grabs too hard. 

The piece should be read as a critic of the consumeristic world, the world of things and objects, that are not to be meant to last long. As an art piece, I imagine a table filled with this filigrain plastic cups made by sand; the audience is allowed to touch and take them, but then the pieces will just break in pieces and fall into the sand. 

I tested already different moulding and casting processes but could still not reach the wished results. I need to refine my research and material testing with the moulding and the casting process, as well as with the mould release agent. A part of this research will be done for sure before joining the PIFcamp, but I would like to create the final piece on site. Might certain material aspects (or local materials and productions ways) as well as exchange with other artists could help me in order to find the right production process.