RogLab is joining PIFcamp!

RogLab is visiting PIFcamp with the FaxBox machines and mentor Staš Vrenko! They are bringing 3D printers and a heat press machine, which can – when needed – also toast a sandwich for you!

RogLab is a creative hub established in 2012 as part of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. As a collaborative platform providing an encouraging environment for creators with its 3D workshop, RogLab responds to the challenges of today’s society and the urban environment by producing creative projects, while broadening the scope of its programme through a network of partner institutions. RogLab, Slovenia’s first public maker lab, gives creatives of all ages access to production tools and encourages the innovative and responsible use of maker technologies. FabBox is a mobile pocket-edition of RogLab’s maker lab, accompanied with a public workshop programme intended to raise interest in manufacturing and making.