The plant node by Dario Cortese

After some minor disturbances in human evolution since the Stone age, finally another age fit for humans, the Plant age, is here. Plants have always been an important part of our life. In fact we are here because of plants, not the opposite. Each carbon atom in a human’s body once went through the plant chloroplast, and was part of a plant. Plants are the beings who rule the world and shape and direct humans’ lives according to their needs. So why not cooperate?

 The easiest way to come in contact with plants is, yes, to eat them and use them in the form of different home made products. Through the Plant node at PIFcamp we’ll get to know the edible wild plants of the area, how to prepare them as food and how to prepare a variety of traditional herbal products (powders, ointments, tinctures, hydrolates). 

We will be publishing short videos with Dario on this topic during PIFcamp so stay tuned!