What will save the planet Earth?

This project teaser is brought to you by Bernhard Rasinger!

We are terraforming the planet. 

If you think about terraforming it always brings up a feelingof making an inhabitable space (e.g. Mars) habitable. On our home planet we are doing quite the opposite.

Since harnessing the control over fire and the discovery of the wheel mankind is fascinated with the exploration of technology. Today we are globally connected and a vast number of people are dependent on the electric power grid in order to survive. At times we think technology will solve our problems, only to forget that its‘ use always comes with a consequences. The solution to our biggest problem, the change of the climate, is probably not a technological one. 

The task of decarbonisation of the atmosphere is best left to trees. They are the real professionals. We just have to let them do their thing.