Approach and Output

PIFcamp encourages:

– DIY, DIWO & DITO fashion of making and expression,
– innovative usage of new technologies in the fields of bio-hacking, citizen science and open source hardware and software,
– active participation in the whole creative process,
– sharing knowledge and skills,
– bottom-up idea strategies,
– online dissemination.

PIFcamp has only 2 rules – you have to work with others and – you are encouraged to share the projects and ideas developed during the camp with the global community (open hardware and open software, CC, open source).

PIFcamp is a community of hackers, makers, DIY enthusiasts, scientists, thinkers, programmers, noise freaks, new media artists, researchers, obsolete and new technology geeks, bio-artists, engineers, circuit benders, nature lovers and down-to-earth space explorers eager to work with each other for a better tomorrow.

The main output of the camp will be presented as an online database of fine hacks and tutorials.