Dr. Rhythm’s new brain!

Doctor Rhythm 110 (DR-110) was the last completely analog rhythm machine made by Roland. It was released under its subsidiary company BOSS in 1983. The sound is completely analog and somehow comparable to its TR-808 predecessor, and the sequencer is digital. The performance of digital devices at the time was very limited compared to today, and it’s the same with the functionality of the DR-110: excellent analog sounds can’t be formed into more complex rhythms. Therefore Dr. Rhythm needs a new brain!

Mitja Cerkvenik created an interface with a very powerful STM32 brain of the H7 family, for connecting the Launchpad mini and DR-110 together. With the help of the Launchpad, rhythms will be introduced to the new brain, which will send rhythmic pulses to the DR-110. The procedure on Doctor Rhythm will be very invasive. The Voicing Board will remain original, and the CPU Board and chassis will be discarded.

Once the Doctor Rhythm patient is undergoing the surgery, it will be a great opportunity for an additional procedure: replacing certain resistors with potentiometers and adding capacitors on the Voicing Board. These modifications will add sound design capabilities that the DR-110 did not originally have.

The operation will be performed by Mitja Cerkevnik aka jesusonecstasy.