Ionospheric Antenna by beepblip

The ionospheric antenna is a large copper coil designed to capture the crackle of solar electromagnetic radiation. We will build three variations of different sizes to test which one best captures the music of the stars, faint electromagnetic events, and inaudible atmospheric very low frequencies. During summer storms, it should also enable the sonification of ‘whistler’ waves, which can interact with radiation belt particles and cause them to precipitate onto the ionosphere.

beepblip (Ida Hiršenfelder) is a sound artist and archivist. She makes immersive bleepy psychogeographical soundscapes and is interested in bioacoustics, experimental music, and sound spatialisation. Since 2021, she has been developing a series of interdisciplinary sound works such as “Empathic Atmospheres“ which addresses the agency of non-organic others, and “Translating Critters” which explores the potentiality of non-human-animal language translation. She completed her Master of Sonology studies at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (2023). She also runs workshops for inaudible sound detection, such as electromagnetic detectors, hydrophones, ionospherics, and ultrasonics.