Circular Chromatography by 2024 PIFresident Julian Chollet

Soil, earth, dirt, mud… the stuff we walk on, sit on, sometimes even sleep on. It’s where we grow our food and bury our dead, the foundation that makes our planet livable for everyone – except maybe some water creatures. This mysterious substance is everywhere, yet most of us rarely give it a second thought.

This years’ PIFresident Julian Chollet would like to take you on a journey to explore this underappreciated world beneath our feet. Using Circular Chromatography, it is possible to transform a spoonful of dirt into a vibrant image that reveals the composition of the soil: minerals, organic material, microbial activity, etc.

From sampling to chroma development, the two-day (~4 hours each) hands-on exploration will have plenty of breaks and time for discussions. The workshop is still in an experimental phase, so your feedback and ideas are highly appreciated!