Micro – Stories

Micro – Stories is an Art & Fungi Project by Irina Antonets.

How do mushrooms speak through/interact/play with us?
Since my childhood, I’ve been fascinated by bizarre and beautiful world of fungi. The more I learn about them, the more obsessed I get! I’m collecting and analysing mushroom stories from all around the world, and then planning to create series of artworks based on those micro-stories AND microscopic research that I’m going to be conducting while in the camp.
Each story is unique and individual, each of us perceives fungi through our own personal perspective. At the same time, the more stories I receive the more I see how all of them are creating one sophisticated and fascinating structure which reminds me of mycelium connections under the ground.
Feel free to join me, collect, and take a closer look at fungi. Or maybe you would like to share your fungi story with me? You’re pretty free to say what you want or what comes to your mind about mushrooms but in case you need a little guidance here are the questions you might want to answer:

  • Why do you love fungi? How did they influence you?
  • How mushrooms are perceived in your country/culture?
  • What was your first encounter with fungi?
  • What can we learn from mushrooms?
  • What’s the most fascinating thing about fungi?