PCB Memes for DIY Teens

Calling all meme enthusiasts and circuit designers who will be attending PIFcamp! There will be an open, on-going DIY meme project where campers can design functional circuits that look like popular memes & etch their designs onto copper PCB boards – courtesy of the PIFcamp acid etching station & project leader Maggie Kane. This will be a very DIY and not so serious operation – so feel free to share ideas or favourite memes if you can’t assist directly with the designs or etching processes. If you are interested in learning how the process of acid etching PCBs works, you can also hang out with Maggie while they design and etch some of the circuit meme designs they’ve been prototyping before camp.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out before camp, hit Maggie Kane up on Instagram to say hello – @streetcat.media !!