PIFcamp day 3

Wednesday was again a working day that ended far into Thursday. Projects are coming together, and soon they will be ready to be shown at open Saturday (welcome everyone!). Although we hadn’t done any hiking today, we did gather some herbs and flowers on the nearby meadows. We used them to garnish our potatoes, which we ate with a healthy mountain air appetite. Some went on a short excursion next door – our neighbouring house is St. Josef’s church famous for its exceptional murals. After the Second World War Tone Kralj has hidden a whole bunch of antifascist and anti-Nazi simbols into them. By a strange coincidence (or maybe god’s will) the church also has a representation of St. Ljudmila, who surely looks after her disciples living next door. Even though an accident has happened on Wednesday as well. One of the girls got stung by a wasp and she got an ugly swelling. Our evening was brightened by people playing some instruments, board games were being played again and we didn’t lack beer and wine. We got a good thing going!

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_DSC4447 copy

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Photos: Katja Goljat