PIFcamp day 4

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Till now our evenings were all about work and for some early rest, Thursday night was a welcomed exception. Roused by the camp fire our energies magically connected and formed a wonderful spirit of party. Sounds of electronic music rushed through the Soča valley, lifted our feet and swung our hips. We gladly put our working brain to rest and danced almost till dawn. Even the ones that hiked to Krnska lakes earlier in the day found enough strength to dance and chat.

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Projects are slowly coming to its finish and unfortunately so is PIFcamp. But we still have some exciting things in store! On Saturday we will prepare an open presentation for all the curious folk, and we will show our inventions to everyone who will want to see it. We are also planning on building a garden bed for which we will use all the organic waste that we gathered in the past week. What keeps us focused in this high temperatures are a lovely breeze and frequent jumps into the Soča river.

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Photos: Katja Goljat